Texas Hold'em Odds Calculator

This Texas Hold'em odds calculator lets you find the odds a player will win a hand. You can also see the chances of a player making a certain hand (e.g., two pair, flush, etc). Give the calculator a flop, turn, and/or river, and you'll see the same analyses as well.

The percent chance that the player will win is displayed next to that player's hole cards. The chances of making different hands are displayed to the right of the hole cards.


  1. Input the hole cards for up to ten players.
  2. If desired, select flop cards, a turn card, and/or a river card.
  3. Choose the corresponding Analyze button to begin. You can choose the stage you wish to analyze if you put in flop, turn, or river cards.
  4. If the percentages do not add up to 100%, the remaining is the percent chance that the pot will be split because of two equal-valued hands.

Keyboard Shortcuts